Newsletter - April 2009

Welcome to the 2009 Rafting Season!
...and our first E-News

Welcome to the first Destiny E-News! Our 2009 season starts in early May and we are looking forward to getting out on the river with you again. Confirmed guides for the 2009 season include Jamie, Jim, Jake and Brandon, with Dean driving and Darlene and Alicia in the office. A few more new faces, including some GIT’s (guides in training), will likely be joining us as well.

As part of the introduction for the E-News we are offering 15% off all rafting seats for anyone who is a returning rafter and on our e-news mailing list. If you are bringing friends along suggest that they sign up for the E-News on our website and they will also qualify for the same discount.

We all hope that you had a great winter and are looking forward to another rafting tour with friends or family. Remember that we have a range of tours available, including thrilling whitewater (no kids), family whitewater, easy floats and raft & snorkel with the salmon.

We expect this to be a banner year for the raft/snorkel with the salmon tours – in odd years the pink salmon returns are bigger, so we are expecting more than 130,000 pinks in the river in addition to the chinook, coho, chum, sockeye and trout. These tours start August 1 and run until early October.

Jake & his Climb for the Spine

Many of you who rafted with us last year donated to Jake’s Climb for the Spine fundraiser event for the Rick Hansen Foundation. If you recall, Jake’s plan was to climb the Golden Hinde, Vancouver Island’s highest peak, on the 1 year anniversary of falling and breaking his back.

In late August of 2007 Jake fell over 30 feet from a tree he was pruning and totally shattered his L-1 vertebrae. He was flown to Seattle and underwent 9 hours of surgery with two teams – one removing the remains of his L-1, while the other created a stainless steel support for his spinal column. Jake worked hard over the winter in physio and walking so that he could guide again in 2008 – and climb the Golden Hinde as a fundraiser for those who have spinal cord injuries that were not as fortunate as he.

Jake’s crusade raised over $6700, half of which went towards a trail rider for use by the mobility impaired in the Campbell River area and the remaining half to the Rick Hansen Foundation.

Jake will be back guiding again this season after a successful year at BCIT before he returns to school again in August. Come on out and congratulate him on reaching his fundraising goals!

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Early Season Rafting. How do I stay warm?

The key to staying warm when you are paddling cold water rivers is layers of the right materials under and over the wetsuit. Nothing spoils a great river day like being cold from the first splash of your adventure. Please don’t wear cotton or cotton blends on the river – they do not keep you warm when wet.  In fact, a wet cotton shirt will wick your body temperature away 7 times faster than if you had no shirt on at all!

If you get cold easily you should bring:

  • An underlayer (for under the supplied wetsuit) of polyester, polypro or merino wool/polyester blend long underwear
  • Polyester, wool, merino wool blend or neoprene socks (for under the supplied wetsuit booties)
  • An overlayer of medium weight fleece or wool (no cotton hoodies!)
  • A fleece or wool cap for under the supplied helmet (polyester toques are available for purchase)
  • A rain, splash or drysuit jacket to provide a wind/waterproof layer (splash jackets are available for rent). If your favourite jacket will not keep you dry walking in a rainstorm for half an hour and/or it gets heavier when wet it is not suitable.

Follow these simple rules and you will have a great day of early season rafting!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009